The Future is Our Vision

Our company covers a wide scope of production and distribution from selling specialized steel, industrial machines, manufacturing complex and precise products,and producing molded sheet metal.Utilizing such an end to end manufacturing, we provide low cost products and in a short delivery time to the customer.


Our company manufactures and sells precise machine fabricated parts and fixtures made in a wide range of materiale from specialized steel, titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum to brass, heat-resistant steel, and copper.

Machined Parts
Medical Equipment Products
Forging Products
Lost-wax Castings
Plastics Products
Chinese molding (die)


Our company is fully equipped to facilitate mass production. We are able to accommodate several types of requests from our customers by virtue of our oversea locations. We provide high quality products by maintaining a high standard of quality control.


Max. machinin diameter : Φ760
Max. machining length : 1,524mm
Main spindle speed : ~4,000rpm
Milling spindle : ~12,000rpm


Max. machining diameter : Φ500
Max. machining length : 500mm
Main spindle speed : ~5,000rpm
Milling spindle : ~12,000rpm